A continuity error

December 25, 2020

Continuity in (Lego) comics

In comics, movies, or any story, to be frank, continuity is an important element. And unless you’re breaking continuity on purpose for whatever artistic or story wise reason, you’d better take care to keep continuity intact. Just so you know, there are four main types of continuity being: Content, Movement, Position and Time. Of these, I play the most with movement and position (hopefully without you noticing) and the one I sometimes struggle with is continuity of time. However, this time I made a mistake in the first one; content.


As some of you have noticed episode 18 (season 3)was a few days late because I made a giant mistake related to continuity of content. I made this mistake before in one panel and I quickly reshot the one panel… but this time I had to redo the entire episode… pfff. The image below shows exactly what I am talking about. And, I tweaked the episode a bit since I needed to redo it anyway.

(By the way, This is an episode in the pre-2022-style!)

Brick comic - continuity error Brick comic - continuity corrected


Brick photography - mischief managed

Mischief managed

Dwaas is working out

Foolish Lego – origins

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