Season 03

Foolish Lego Comic; Season three; An original story about an evil lord seeking world domination, a few heroes seeking to stop him and Dwaas… a monster wanting to reunite with his long-lost father.

Brick Comic - Smurfs and dinosaurs

3-085 Smurfs and dinosaurs

Brick Comic - incredible cookies

3-086 Incredible Cookies!

Lego Comic - out of reach

3-087 Out of reach

Lego Comic - Only Willy

3-089 Only Willy!

Brick Comic - lovely meeting

3-090 Lovely meeting

Lego Comic - come along

3-091 Come along!

Brick Comic - Come along

3-092 followers

Lego Comic - Failure...

3-093 Failure

Brick Comic - who's that?

3-094 Who’s that?

Lego Comic - Dangerzone

3-095 Dangerzone

Brick Comic - Snakes and honey

3-096 Snakes and Honey